Before you accuse,

Bruise, someone somewhere in some distant place

You’ve never been to, and never plan on going;

Review your attachment

To this habit you have, of pretending you are not simply the sum of Yourselves-

But some great mystical creature, capable of unearthly listenings to the minds of Others.


Before you bemoan,

Drone, drown in your own imaginings

That aren’t real, and never will be;

Consult your longing

Of this need that you have, to be something more than the sum of Yourselves-

Not some great mystical creature, but one (narrow) minded embodied Self. Alone.


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John Aikman

Mon 18th Jan 2010 19:06

I enjoyed this...I always like the 'round the corner' rhyming scheme, if it's done well. 'Accuse, bruise...'is lovely. Not so sure about 'bemoan''s not really a word in common parlance anymore...there's nothing wrong with 'moan and, drone' except I suppose it could be a cliche...just a thought.

Enjoyed this.



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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 18th Jan 2010 10:56

Good morning Jo.Lovely to meet you for the first time!Absolutely LOVE,this poem.Hope to read more of your work soon.Stefan

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