The Weight of Their Stares

I sit there in silence
suffering the sunlight striking
trying to shield my eyes
scared to seizure
while a dozen strangers surround me
making murmurings about my choice of seat
I can't claim to know for sure what they are thinking
but I feel the weight of their stares
perhaps I don't look like I should be sitting there
just another arsehole with too many bags.
A part of me wants them to challenge me
so I can confront them with the truth
revealing the details of the shit day I've had
only one woman who boards the bus
catches my eye and passes 
offering a sympathetic smile
I try to respond in kind
but instead
I'm struck with an uncomfortable sensation
I feel like I could cry
one act of kindness strips back
the layers of my defences
my head shudders and I turn away awkwardly
desperate to avoid the judgemental stares of the others

#poem #poetry #health #disability #NEAD #FND

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keith jeffries

Tue 6th Nov 2018 13:23


Thank you for this poem which is sadly indicative of the society in which we now live. In particular I was drawn to the words, ¨one act of kindness strips back the layers of my defences ¨,


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