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As always he was relaxed and confident,

smiling, and with good reason - he always beats me

My normal strategy is damage limitation

Today was different, I had motivation

I hadn't played for a month

I was feeling good, no aches and pains

I had a new racquet with tight strings

I had new tennis shoes

I had nothing to lose


It started well - I took the first game to love

As we changed ends he was still smiling

as if he knew he would soon get on top

I took the second and third games

and when we changed I could see the smile

had gone from his mouth,

so I gave him a big grin

I was inside his head now

I'd planted a seed of doubt in his mind

that was beginning to germinate


My confidence level was high

I was playing better shots than usual,

they were pinging off my new strings

I was hitting them deep, forcing errors

I mixed up my game with drop shots,

lobs, topspin and slice

He was fifteen years my junior and ranked higher

but I played him off the court

He was shell shocked

He congratulated me on winning

I couldn't stop myself from grinning

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Brian Maryon

Mon 5th Nov 2018 13:32

Thanks all for comments and likes.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 16:01

Crafty! Suggesting motivation when you had your own all ready to serve! Game, set and match!

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keith jeffries

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 10:54

I must confess Brian that I was balled over by this poem. Poor Boris. Well done matey.


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Don Matthews

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 09:09

I'm a little bit confused with the pic Brian
Is the player trying to racquet a torus?
And while I'm at it is that player really you?
Coz it looks to me pretty much like Boris 😎

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Sat 3rd Nov 2018 08:22

A poetic play that made your day.Well done.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 08:13

Nice one Brian😂

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