a particular desert



beige dry sandy ocean

innumerable foldings, apexes, plains

occasionally disturbed

by customary caravanning 

nomadic and camel hoof.


The ethereal lion-sun

hotly inflicting its roaring weight

onto black canvas roofs

each protectively shadowing 

indigenous bedouin occupants


temporarily abiding

while seeking the more natural though rare

cool verdurous island resting places

on this immeasurable burning sea

palm tree leafed covered areas of respite

much welcomed fruit bearing giants

tapping into subterranean moistures


higher still

prodigal meagre cumulous floating landscapes

periodically returning

like stingy relations

all too quickly bidding farewell again

without having left any worthwhile liquid gifts

for this thirsting land

being made to suffer

long bouts of lonely unihabitation

and the pangs

of harsh intermittent attacks

blastings by

red particle loaded

sirocco whippings blinding with insidious intensity


here, temperate weather never opens a door

disallowance's known only too well

by the fiery bush witness Moses



acting on behalf of his heavenly master

in doing his saintly best

to divert the foolish golden calf worshippers

from their ignorant naive idolising's

to make them swallow

the soul purifying tablets of righteous rules


that it seems to be

looking out on this present day

this recklessly impacted wilderness to be

have continued to be stupidly

suicidally regurgitated.   






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Rose Casserley

Sat 18th May 2019 09:32

great to be back guys and to so many inspiring and generous comments and likings!

Big Sal ?
Martin ?
Kate G ?
Des ?
Tom ?
Lisa ?

Rose ?


Fri 25th Jan 2019 10:15

Hi Rose wonder where you’d been, so I look up your last post, and I will say this is great which it is , but it’s more, it’s beautiful. Anyway hope you had a nice Christmas and new year.

All the best des

<Deleted User> (19913)

Wed 14th Nov 2018 13:35

Rose, I missed this at the time and very sorry I did. It is rich with imagery and quite delightful. Thanks for taking me to a new landscape. Kate.x

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Martin Elder

Tue 13th Nov 2018 10:31

Wow I am sorry to have missed this and therefore not commented on it previously. there is a real richness in this piece that I hope that you will continue to use( sorry no pressure Rose). But it is beautiful on so many levels from the opening line of beige sandy dry ocean to the very last.

wonderful stuff. More please

Big Sal

Wed 31st Oct 2018 13:46

As a young child I never imagined all the unique ecosystems out there in this beautiful world. Now as an adult, I find it crazy how many there really are. I live in a valley that is pretty much a desert, but it is defined as 'high-altitude depositional basin'.

This piece reminded me of why I hate the heat, but love me a good poem.

It snowed where I live today, Rose, so right now I am kind of amenable to your resolve on this particular desert. Irony at its best and unhinged deposition in years, I think.?

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