You broke my heart before any man could 

How can I choose a man when you were the man 

You let me down 

You never came around

Barely ever heard you make a sound

When it comes to love my whole heart is already broken now 

Expected to be mended back together like it's a toy 

 by a boy who can't love 

How can your heart continue to break? 

Bones break but mend back together 

Broken hearts leave scars on the inside that escape to the mind 

No man stands a chance 

You took everything away from me before I stood a chance against myself 

I remember, I remember

2 years old you were knocked out cold on the kitchen floor 

Don't even remember what I was searching for 

Did I even really see you?

Or is this a mental imagination from the pain you caused my mom 

But I remember 

6 years old didn't wanna go see daddy 

I felt her pain 

How can you not when your the main thing still keeping her alive 

You created a monster inside but she Stayed alone and raised seven kids all on her own

Yeah I remember 

You was never there 

My brother died at 18 and I still didn't see you except for on 16th so you can pop some pills 

Mamma lives on 17th 

But you already knew the deal

Buried your pain in drugs but your still never gonna heal 

How can you be strong when you threw your strength away?

Left the mother of your children searching for a way everyday 



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Trevor Alexander

Wed 31st Oct 2018 15:20

Painful story - felt in every line.

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Wed 31st Oct 2018 11:52

Strong words written from your young heart and experience. Well done and welcome to wol .

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