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Big Sal

Tue 6th Nov 2018 14:10

I helped move my cousin (that is like a sister) down to Phoenix a couple years ago. I hate Arizona,except for Flagstaff, because of the heat. I'm a cold weather kind of guy. You have probably been to more places in the States than I have. I've only ever been to Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and the bottom corner of Utah.

Utah looks a lot like Sedona though, at least the part I went through. Took pictures at the board Forrest Gump runs to in the movie. Colorado is a beautiful place to visit, if you're ever in the States again you can never go wrong with here. Lot of skiing, mountain climbing, kayaking, straight hiking, and other great photo ops.

Don't be a stranger if you visit!😁

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 6th Nov 2018 11:38

Hubby has travelled around the states quite a bit.
I have done the usual, Sedona is my favourite place to date..

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Big Sal

Fri 26th Oct 2018 11:54

Thank you, Anya. You're sweet.😇

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Fri 26th Oct 2018 11:09

Wise words...

... smart and handsome !!! 😘😘

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Big Sal

Thu 25th Oct 2018 01:33

I took this photo up near Poudre Canyon by Fort Collins in Colorado. . .Some beautiful scenery in this state. If you're ever in the States, you can never go wrong with Colorado.

I had gone with my wife to see her grandmother one of the last times she would see her before her grandmother passed away this last August. This was definitely a high point to the whole trip, as I pondered my marketing strategy, my life, the lives of my children, and plenty of other things.

Life is far too beautiful to waste. Keep the flame lit until our breath turns cold, for there is no greater beauty than a clenched candle held for a friend or family.💘

RIP Poetry.

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