Unhappy Hunting Ground

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Here they come in droves,

the humble pot boilers 

to worship at the feet 

of the traitorous elite

with hair pulled out in clumps 

in frustration at those

unable to muster 

the inspiration to rise 

above the level of lacklustre 


Now nowhere to be found,

The Enterprising have packed up their teepees 

and headed for a happier hunting ground


◄ Backstabbers

Saturday 3 July 1971, Uxbridge ►


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Brian Maryon

Fri 19th Oct 2018 16:29

Thanks all for comments and likes.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 18th Oct 2018 17:34

Good one, Brian. It's so open to individual interpretation as to what you're actually 'saying'! It wobbles enticingly but never tips over to one side or the other.

Maybe I'm wrong. But I've read it four times, and I'm still not sure. A superb puzzle.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 18th Oct 2018 11:45

Oh - what a treat...and something of a feat:
To be elevated to one of the elite,
Is that social or financial? I wonder myself,
Resigned to getting by without position or pelf! ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 18th Oct 2018 09:59

I don't like letting Elites down
(Are some here on the site?)
I gotta lift my lustre up
Can't let it go lack light

Don't wanna let no Elite down
Cause clump-hair-pulling-out
I gotta pull my socks up
Get good stuff coming out ?

I'm trying hard to please
And good work for to muster
Don't wanna cause no problems
With hair-pullouts and flusters

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 18th Oct 2018 08:50

Like this Brian...thought provoking ?

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Brian Maryon

Thu 18th Oct 2018 08:29

Inspired by a comment on another member's profile.

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