Learning From Our Lass

I've been trying since I got released
I want to start anew
but it's impossible to get a job
when I can't secure an interview
they're gossiping down the bookies
and in the local boozer
they're saying I'm no kind of man
that I'm only out to use her
they're saying that I'm work-shy
'cause I stay at home all day
while she's out working two jobs
struggling by on minimum pay
I admit I've got a past
which hardly showers me in glory
the wagging tongues are only telling
half a version of the story

getting sent down was a wake-up call
it gave me time to think
I realised straight away 
that it was time to swim or sink
with a girlfriend on the outside
and a young'un on the way
I focussed on my freedom
and I counted down the days
I promised I would make amends
I learned to read and write
I vowed to turn my back on crime
I swore to put things right
to be a better boyfriend
and be a better Dad
to give my kid the opportunities in life
I'd never had

I'm making up for lost time
spending time with my daughter 
doing all the things I can 
the way a stay at home Dad oughta
my girlfriend's glad to go to work
after raising her alone
I try my best to cook and clean
and keep a tidy home
I'm frustrated that I can't find work
right now that's just the way
I love the fact
I get to see my daughter every day
I want to go to college
get a job and earn some brass
I'm gonna prove I'm not the kind of guy
who leeches off his lass
she stood by me and helped me
to become a better guy 
I want to marry her and be with her
until the day I die.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 20th Sep 2018 12:42

Love the positivity of this poem..great stuff..thank you for sharing ?

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