shuddering remembrance of the dreaded shell suit!

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thank god and progress it seems to have disappeared!

the gaudy, silken-oysterish 'outfit'

that made the unfashionable 

look as though

they belonged to a travelling circus

or had been playing the role of a chav Pagliacci

in some demented (soap) opera


but fair play to the darer-wearer

having the balls to appear in public

in such clownish attire!


surely drugged or drunk enough to do so?

yeah, so,

goodbye and good ridiculous riddance

you sag-bag wind flapped

body ballooning ex-parachute!  

◄ when insensitive dealers come to call

deadly disconnection ►


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Rose Casserley

Tue 18th Sep 2018 13:06

Trev, I couldn't even be DEAD enough to wear that minging mad costume!

Ray, cheer's for taking time out from 'feeding those ducks' in order to add your very welcome two penny's worth. 😉
and agreed on the hope of those chavvy chainster's rusting into oblivion! ugh!

to you guys inclusive of Jon and Anya a very fashionable dressing of thank's.

Rose 💋

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Mon 17th Sep 2018 21:03

This has that dismissive quality that shows up old and discarded fashions, never hopefully to be revived again Rose. I like the flourish of your style - it really puts it in a nutshell (suit). Incidentally, I hope arse cheek jeans with chains never come back either.

An enjoyable read , I say I say.


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Trevor Alexander

Mon 17th Sep 2018 20:13

I still can't believe I know people who actually wore those things!! Thankfully, I have no such memories to erase. Surely you were never drunk enough Rose?....

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