Imago Dei

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Are you there?

I pray to you each and every night in despair, 

Yet they remain unanswered as if you do not care. 


I sink solely in my thoughts,

As heartache floods through my veins.

Suffocating and feeling distraught, 

Trapped and stuck in these emotional chains. 


My life has come to that of which only you can intervene.

My soul is no longer at peace (and you’re omniscient) — I know you’ve seen. 

I want time to run out, call heaven home and forget everything that’s been.


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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Mon 7th Oct 2019 02:21

Thank you!

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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Sep 2018 21:59

It is so refreshing to find an honest poem about Christian belief. Wonderfully put Charlotte. Don't give up

I look forward to more of your work

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