The Tale of Orpheus


A legendary hero, but Orpheus must now not be weak.

As he journeyed into the Underworld, Eurydice to seek.

Through the gates he was allowed one lonely black night.

Respecting all Hades laws, until he returned to the light.


If Eurydice is found, he’s not to turn, a glimpse to share.

If so, she will remain for eternity in the underworld care.

To the bleak dungeons of depths of Hades chilling home.

Orpheus followed the path only a brave man would roam.


Orpheus wandered in the darkness, he wandered in vain.

Searching for Eurydice, through the devils cold terrain.

With his magical ancient harp forever close to his side.

Creatures of the Underworld are seen to stare and hide.


Orpheus sang enticing songs, as the Hell winds blew.

Then a hazy, misty vision before him formed and grew.

Eurydice had finally risen to the sound of his ghostly call.

Now to temptation in the Underworld he must not fall.


But before reaching his upper world home in his haste.

Orpheus turned to his wife, so each other they faced.

Eurydice then disappeared, never to return this time.

Orpheus had defied King Hades, his every word and sign.


Orpheus returned home, his songs became a reason to cry.

He shunned all women, on huge broken rocks all day to lie.

The torment of his failure left him in a world of despair.

Just the Sun to worship, his heart was broken beyond repair.

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Mike Bartram

Mon 17th Sep 2018 05:29

Thanks...I fixed the typo too!

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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Sep 2018 22:08

This sounds almost like a song itself in its style and form. Nicely written. Not sure whether there is a typo on the first line of the last stanza or whether you meant to say 'retuned home'

Either way a good poem

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