when insensitive dealers come to call

it's the certain other items of the deceased old lady

they vulture after now

not the laminated chipboard bookcase

or the much-scarred dining table, the kitchen implements

she coveted for their practicality


or the cheapskate bric-a-brac type gifts

presented to her when she was wed long, long ago

or even the Victoriana styled white lacy outfit

she wore on the day


now hung up along with other overlooked garments

in the more desirable antique wardrobes or

folded away into drawers of the same expensive calibre

although smelling of mothballs

smelling more importantly of profit!


along with the well scrutinised

gargantuan gothic Grandfather clock

hallway sentinel, death knell-like gonging every fifteen minutes.

The weighty, sturdy chest

that had done as much seafaring as her maritime Father

proof-stamped with so many far off places.


A hand-crafted Chesterfield suite

likely to have been occupied on and off

not only by fleshed bottoms

but also many invisible ones

of generational ghosts, unbothered no longer

by cat and dog hairs their accompanying phantom pets

left behind.


A collection of collecting greedy eyes

optically, salivating, targetting other valuable items one by one

while totally ignoring who she was

totally incapable of perusing the more prized possessions

of a happy life


those kept out of human reach, once stored in her heart

now stored in that other world  

◄ squares

shuddering remembrance of the dreaded shell suit! ►


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Rose Casserley

Mon 17th Sep 2018 10:56

I think we are all agreed on the vulturism guys, although I dare say its possible the odd humanitarian will surface among the perusing predators.

It has been a real pleasure to read and appreciate all of your comments and kindly likes.

Thank you all so much.

Rose 💋

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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Sep 2018 22:19

Absolutely fabulous Rose. this has got to be one of your best my friend. Some great attention to detail. Though the title did have my brain going off thinking about a different kind of dealer at first. I know I am sad as my children would tell me.
I will get my coat

Nice one

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Fred Varden

Sun 16th Sep 2018 21:04

Only just today I was talking about how relatives somehow come out of the woodwork on a death, even though they took no interest in the actual person whatsoever. Great poem.😀

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Jon Stainsby

Sun 16th Sep 2018 16:05

Money over memories. Sad. 😢

Great, Rose.

Jon xx

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keith jeffries

Sun 16th Sep 2018 14:34


Beautifully crafted and blatantly honest as I have witnessed on, more than one occasion, when the vultures swoop in for the kill, leaving with arms full of the deceased possessions with not a thought for the life which they belonged to. Well done. When I go to glory I am happy to be put in a black bag and taken to the local tip. The survivors can have what they like. Thank you for this.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 16th Sep 2018 11:25

I'm equally as thankful as you are Trev in leaving the comments starting blocks so quickly.

Can I put you down for a disassembled B&Q 1970's flat pack kitchen bereft of its ten thousand screws in my will by any chance?

Or could you make more use of it on Nov 5th? It's just that I'll need to make room not only for the funeral guests but also for the gothic grandfather clock I want to be buried in when I run out of time 😅 !!!

Cheers m'dear

Rose 💋

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Trevor Alexander

Sun 16th Sep 2018 11:11

Ah yes, the race to divvy up the detritus of death and forget the life as quick as possible. Relatives red in tooth and claw. Acute observation, Rose.

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