The Sweetest Sleep


She sleeps

the sweetest sleep

Her head lies gently

upon her pillow

Clutched in her arms

is his pillow


under her cheek and chin

Kneeling alongside the bed

he watches and wonders

"Is she dreaming of me?"

Quietly, he watches over her

like a Guardian Angel

Slowly, he moves in closer

placing his face

in front of hers

upon the pillow

she holds so tightly

His lips just millimeters

from hers

His breath warms her face

He moves yet even closer

Kissing her ever so gently

his lips on hers so soft

He pauses and she wakes

to keep their kiss alive

Time stands still for both

face to face, gazing

into one anothers eyes

His palm touches gently

upon her cheek

He whispers...

Sleep my darling,

the sweetest sleep

Dream of me for

I am here and

I love you

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Cristi ►


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Hannah Collins

Fri 21st Sep 2018 17:15

Beautiful poetry.


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Martin Elder

Sun 16th Sep 2018 22:31

I think this is probably your best yet Jane. Love it

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keith jeffries

Sun 16th Sep 2018 18:59

Your writing is flourishing.

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Sun 16th Sep 2018 16:38

Again a treat from you.Beautiful piece.

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Bruce Levine

Sun 16th Sep 2018 16:17

Exquisite as Always! Thank you, Jane.

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Jon Stainsby

Sun 16th Sep 2018 16:09

Beautiful Jane.

Jon xx

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 16th Sep 2018 13:35

Wonderful a beautiful poem to read today thank you Jane. 😃

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keith jeffries

Sun 16th Sep 2018 10:40

To be greeted by this poem on a Sunday morning is to know those beautiful sensuous moments that make life so well worth living. For a few moemts I was carried away. Thank you for this

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