star chaser



There's always another budding guitarist.

This one

able to practice thank's to a big parental loan

hoping that fame and fortune

might do him a life-long favour

and create a link up with the big boys of rock


he understands the possibility

of having to wait the fuck out of-when?

maybe watching his dream being shit on time after time


that's why I'm keyboard surfing in anger of course!

at the loss, the waste of someone

who sacrificed blood, sweat and so many nights out on the piss


sympathising on behalf of a fret hot fingerer

fucked off not just by money making fat arsed

parasitical picking and choosing non-players

but above all by lady luck


who turned a blind eye from day one

when he was podded out of

his mother's sliced open stomach


his young desires

left ungifted

whose destiny fate couldn't give a shit about.


There isn't and perhaps never will be

even though he may have the skills

to pale Hendrix into insignificance,

an appreciative, helping hand reaching out to him


only the hard arse kicking brief encounters

with so-called people in the know

who spoke only if the discussions were wrapped in money


well, fuck them man!

show me if no one else

with your fantastic passion for music and fiery fingers

how determination will always, always matter!   

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Rose Casserley

Sat 15th Sep 2018 10:05

Too right Trev! I'm also a non-watcher of that crap.

Not only musicians BS but more so up our streets-poets!
let me know when you intend to start gigging and I'll dust mi' triangle off.....😏

Taylor you lucky mummy! keep propping them up and who knows? good luck to you all on that score( no pun intended)

Rose 💋

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 15th Sep 2018 08:45

Hi Rose I can relate to this I have two sons who are musicians..💕

Big Sal

Fri 14th Sep 2018 21:29

Isn't it crazy how many talented musicians/performers have died before the age of 30??? I myself hope to put some music out by then, hopefully, one can hope.😵 Keep it up 'til we clock out! Right Rose?!

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Trevor Alexander

Fri 14th Sep 2018 16:32

Yeah, right place right time can easily beat skill and ability. Specially some of the 'acts' that do well in the TV talent shows that I don't watch! Like it Rose.

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