pleasure and pain

I walk  five miles on the flat

between alternating grassed and bouldered hills.


Walkings a natural thing to do

a normal practice that never deserts you.


So, here I am again

continuing much where I left off

not for the worse but for the better.


A cruciform skylark floats above

reclaiming its ethereal stage

thermal catching wings outspread.


The old dog's owner

wants him to move faster

pulls him by the chain to increase its pace

but can't cajole him into doing so


the aged canine keeps drawing back

jaws opening in a liquorice-lipped yawning show of tiredness

and gets to win the decision to turn around.


The cocoaesque muddied paths all pool patched

with overnight rain that threatens to repeat its fall

from liquid swollen clouds.

It's so easy to be put off from advancing

-windswept from all directions

or rainsoaked 

not so much to the skin but to the bone!


I pass cottages

that are Jurassic semi-gargantuan's at rest

grey, craggy, and riddled with age; a squat chimney

with its iconic rook; meander the spikey conifered track

until suddenly a barn-owl swoops out from nowhere

to a nearby field

to display hovering skills

homing in on a rodent target.


A church bell rings somewhere out of sight.

There is a cafe I know in the distance

if I and my rumbling stomach can reach it in time

but my watch fingers point to disappointing numbers

'sorry mate! it seems to say

 'don't blame me blame the bloody battery!


and just when I really needed a scone and cuppa!

instead, those annoying ogres bad luck, thirst and hunger

get their own way.


By the time I'm one again with my fire and armchair,

there'll be hardly a morsel left for any unexpected visitors.


Let them have a share of disappointments I say

as I selfishly wring the taste out of the very last teabag!     


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Rose Casserley

Thu 13th Sep 2018 20:46

thanks a bunch (💐💐💐💐) all four of you liking lovelies!

Rose 💋x4

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