To Catch a Firefly

The grass as I arrive is alight in a finite sight kind of like it’s a

friend of mine to decide,

To catch a firefly tonight the right light might shine so bright that the

end of nights is alive.


Mired skies at buyer’s price are a finer prize than water rights or

firefights in a child’s eyes replete with rage,


Fireflies inspire lives to inquire rights on higher lines if I devise

my advice from prior heights beneath the waves,


Toast enough to broken trust cold and cut with smoke and dust a portion of

distortion much and ocean mud on a book or page,


Modicums and coconuts hold us up in colder ruts where no one was a notion of

emotion loved with potions chugged and wood engraved,


Clutching facts touched en masse on wooden tracks in a rookie stance with

kooky laughs to host the scene,


Pushing back woods and thatch when looking at the boogie dance and

movies matched or odes to be,


They caught up to me honestly to watch and read apostrophes with a hockey knee that’s blocking three

of the spilled-blood blouses,


Debauchery probably has a cost for free, accosting me in a box to breathe but not to be a haunted sea

or driftwood houses,


Crash and blast the bastion last with blackened masks and gases fast if they have to pass the master

class and steal the humor,


Acrobats are smacking back in hats to match to hatch their plans and ask their fans if the past has

passed and killed the future.


The grass as I arrive is alight in a finite sight kind of like it’s a

friend of mine to decide,

To catch a firefly tonight the right light might shine so bright that the

end of nights is alive.

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Big Sal

Thu 20th Sep 2018 14:27

Thank you for reading Kate. I was hoping someone would love reading it as much as I did writing it.


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Kate G

Thu 20th Sep 2018 11:01

I feel like clapping Big Sal. My favourite of yours to date. Absolutely love it.

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Big Sal

Fri 14th Sep 2018 21:38

Taylor: That is funny stuff! Hopefully you can get your money's worth before the book disappears forever!😅 But seriously, thanks. Glad you enjoyed, and glad you read this.

Anya: Ha, thank you Anya. Hope you enjoy it. This is probably the most complex poem (rhyme wise) on the entire book, so it means a great deal people can enjoy it.🌷

Jane: Thanks for spending your time reading Jane, I hope you could take something good out of these poems. 😁

Rose: I guess I owed you one after you made me laugh my ass off all those times reading your work.😜

Everyone else thanks for reading.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 13th Sep 2018 21:36

Hi Big Sal, I love the rhythmic way the poem weaves the story when read out loud. It is like all your poetry. Full of magic and wonder..enthralling..💕

I cannot get near your book at the moment as my grown up children have been reading it. They love it and I am sure will have finished it soon. I will then be able to enjoy it myself. They like your style which they say is unique and in tune with their taste in poetry. Although they do not all like poetry they like your poetry.

Taylor xx


Thu 13th Sep 2018 20:29

The flow, the rythm! Truly unique!
Your talent shines bright tonight ! 😘

<Deleted User> (19836)

Thu 13th Sep 2018 19:45

Awesome! I read it twice; the second time out loud and it does sound wonderful. There's a unique flow from one line to the next and it is definitely understood better when read aloud. Your rhyme and structure is truly unique. Thoroughly enjoyable!😊😊

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Rose Casserley

Thu 13th Sep 2018 19:13

at last! I get to use the words on your behalf of-


wilco instructions dUde-catcha in a few.

Rose 💋

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Big Sal

Thu 13th Sep 2018 13:49

This is the 3rd of 5 poems from my book I am releasing on Write Out Loud. This one was probably the most fun out of all 50 to write, and I urge everyone to try reading it aloud and see how it sounds.😎

Let me know what you all think in the comments.

(The second half won't format for me correctly, but this is the best it will look on this site.)

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