Get Some Bud

Lyrics now posted below!!!

This is a song I made with a former best friend almost 10 years ago. We were making a rap CD, and this was one of the final cuts on the album that ultimately got shelved and never got published. This is where I started writing poetry - turning rap songs into poems since I drifted away from the music scene after leaving high school. I figured it may intrigue a select few people to know I've been performing since I was a freshman in school.

This was at a time of rampant pot use, disobedience for authority in general, and a time of music. I haven't made music in almost a decade, but rest assured when I get back into the scene I'm gonna do it right.

Sorry about the poor quality of the song, we recorded it in my old weight room on a laptop without a disc drive. The song is called, "Get Some Bud", and as you guessed I'm sure, was a celebratory smoking song. The guy rapping with me, let's call him "Prophecy", is no longer rapping or a friend. But legends never die, and this song is testament to that. 

I thought it might be interesting to share some of my earliest work on here. A transition of how I got from Point A to Point B. 

As you probably guessed, I wrote and performed the first verse, my old friend did the second verse, and we both wrote and performed the chorus. I produced the song with some old shit software I had back in the day. Ferris, I've been rocking it for years now!




Get some bud, let’s get some bud,

Let’s get fucked up, let’s get fucked up,

Now pass the pipe, and pass the pipe,

Now let’s get high, now let’s get high.


[Verse 1: Big Sal]

Smoking to get high and you smoking to get loose,

And too broken to get by, and you hoping to get booze,

But you lost in the whirlwind,

The cost is the girlfriend,

Embossed when the pearl’s in,

Another man’s arms,

Soaking it up and aloft in a twirl bin,

As the rubber band sparks,

So, you get some bud and chill with the bubbler,

Then you wet the dubs and kill with the smugglers,

For real it’s the brothers,

To feel if the others,

Would steal if the drugs were,

All just laying per the tables,

Lost in the R.I.C.O. and praying for the angels,

‘Cause I know my family flies,

Sugar-coated candy lies,

Living in their dandy lives,

Look me in my happy eyes,

Searching for a daddy’s wife,

S.O.S. stands for: “Smoking Only Sensemilla”,

That’s why I’m broke and only blitzed in villa,

Out back with Ken and Proph toking rolleys dripped in divas,

Choking homies just to see ya –

Weed puffs indeed loves in me lungs, free to run the slow plan,

Weed rough and need cuffs and seed stuffs, we the sons of no man,

And fuck pledging to the government,

‘Cause they’re the ones that are stuck pension to the covenant,

Freedom of speech and freedom of self,

Fuck leaving in peace and lead them in Hell,

A fighter and a leader with a lighter and a heater smoking bud and enemies,

Trying to fix broken blood and memories,

It’s just token love and menacing.


[Chorus x2]


[Verse 2: Prophecy]

World giving you problems down to the point,

You wanna let it go, and just hit the joint,

Man fuck that, grab a sack,

Light it, bring it back,

Now sit back, just relax, feel the blast off your ass,

Get a snack, now reload that,

Let’s go for a cruise with some hash and some booze,

You’ll feel the past faded through,

Well at least you always knew,

That she’ll be by your side,

She entrances me with the gaze from the green of her eyes,

Like the Queen of the Sky,

Get a kiss, she’ll get you high,

If you’re pissed it’ll be alright,

Take a hit now time to ride,

Take flight, this is tight,

Now roll down the window,

My clothes smell like indo,

Coast as the smoke blows down the road,

Let it go, if tomorrow comes and goes,

Spending time to drop these flows,

Getting high and dropping those,

Bitches, that wanna get with this,

Like all in my business,

Well then fuck the switches,

I’ll leave mine on high, and I’ll ride as you die,

I’ll be blazed the whole time,

As I lace these ‘hos fine out their place with the nine,

Then go home, and guess what I do?

Yeah I smoke a bowl and I write this just for you,

Like it? Yeah me too!

Don’t fight it, let it through,

You know what I mean?

The THC, friendly to thee,

Anyone that wants it,

Sell it by the ounces, to the needed thousands,

Can’t live without it,

‘Cause I love to toke it up,

In a bong or in a blunt,

So get a pipe, and let’s get high, and let time fly,

Yeah let it soar by, yeah let’s get high,

And let’s get. . .


[Chorus x2]

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Big Sal

Tue 4th Sep 2018 02:30

Thanks for reading along and listening Lynn. To answer your question - no, I have not performed open mic. The closest I got to it was reading a few poems on the radio a few years back. Other than that, no, I've not done so.

Music indeed does cross barriers and is so fun to make. Thanks for taking the time.

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lynn hahn

Tue 4th Sep 2018 00:44

This would be great on open mic. Have to do some tongue twisters to prepare and have water by your side to wet your whistle. Have you done open mic?

Profile image

Big Sal

Mon 3rd Sep 2018 05:15

Thanks for the kind comment M.C.

For anyone interested, the lyrics of this decade-old song are now posted above for all to see, disseminate, and enjoy. I am starting a new journey here soon, and with "Pressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems" now finished and out of the way artistically, I am planning on starting a brand new spoken word album fully produced by yours truly.

New work will always be coming forth unless I'm dead, so check back for more details in the coming days. Get your rhyme on people!!!😎

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd Sep 2018 16:48

I would certainly like to read the lyrics employed here.
Creativity takes many forms and this particular style - rap -
is probably the music scene's commentary on the times -
as was "punk" in its day. My DoB takes my own interest
back before both and in that respect I'm arguably "old-
fashioned" in my views about what happens to be called
"pop" music..e.g. popular during the era in which it appears.
Popular music that stays around beyond generations crosses
the boundaries of time and fashion. We all love a good
tune and words that convey universal feelings...and that
will surely continue to be the case. Music - what a wonderful way of enhancing and embracing this life!

Profile image

Big Sal

Sat 1st Sep 2018 19:08

I'm glad that for years my writing has had a transcending style so much so that even people who most likely don't like rap can still find it interesting.

Writing rhymes is always the way I go.

Appreciate your kindness again Taylor, and I will write poems 'til the day I'm gone and forgotten. I still prefer writing poems to rap songs, and books are in my heart forever, but I think it is finally time to dust off the old mic and find some new beats to put to use. . .Thanks so much for your interest too.😀

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 1st Sep 2018 15:27

Just listening as I type...right yes content is interesting a brief glimpse into your mindset at that time. I really like the rhythm and slightly oriental beat. The rapping is top notch..your individual style which really impressed me. I think that is the secret of writing whether it be lyrics, poetry or novels developing a recognisable style unique to you and you succeeded.
I urge you to continue with your poetry..but get back to songwriting you have talent..
Taylor 💕

Profile image

Big Sal

Sat 1st Sep 2018 14:37

Thanks Taylor, whenever you feel like it.

Everybody else, thanks for the likes!👍

The song is almost 10 years old, so I hope it has aged well. This was back when I was an irresponsible kid hanging with the wrong crowd, and doing more bad deeds than I should have.😈

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 1st Sep 2018 08:00

Very interesting Big Sal..I have sons who did very similar to yourself...will comment on song later when I get a moment to myself.

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