I Still Gets Excited By Snow

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I still gets excited by snow

(Immature for a pirate, I know)

When I climbs out on deck

There's snow up to me neck

As me shipmates all cower below.


I cannot conceal me delight

When I wakes to a flurry of white

So piratin's banned

Let's get them cannons manned

And have the world's best snowball fight.


Lesser pirates do not think this way

When I scream "Let's go out and play!"

They cry "Split me gizzard!

We're caught in a blizzard!"

But I hopes we're stuck 'ere all day.


We cannot go back to the quay

For icebergs abound in the sea

Though our rations are squalid

They've all frozen solid

So we'll 'ave stagnant ice pops for tea.


Me ship never looked quite so clean

Sparklin' white - it's pristine!

Me beard's stalactites

Have frozen me mites

Negatin' the necessity to preen


Mother nature knows how to inspire

See me snowman in pirate attire

For his nose: Human bone

His teeth - black as me own!

And buildin' him made me perspire.


Skyward bright sunshine appears

Confirmin' the worst of me fears

It will be such a bore

When the snow starts to thaw

And I hopes ye crew don't spot me tears.


The melt down engulfs me with dread

When an idea pops into me head:

Our next planned destination

Is some sunny nation

But we'll set course for Iceland instead!


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Anneliese Emmans Dean

Sun 10th Jan 2010 15:12

Oh what fun, Mingo!
Pleased to hear you were also excited by my limerick.

<Deleted User> (6145)

Sat 9th Jan 2010 10:44

Pleased ye enjoyed me verse especially MEMORY LOSS. After reading your poems I might rename it WALKING THE PLONK. Did ye write your verses or are they pirated?

<Deleted User> (7164)

Fri 8th Jan 2010 12:57

Jolly good fun.
I've spotted a few igloos locally you could rob and plunder though i don't know what you'd find.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 7th Jan 2010 12:01

Super good fun. As it lollops along the occasional sticky rhythm makes it even more jolly. Glad you posted it.

Just watch your investments while you are there. What a dilemma!

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 7th Jan 2010 08:35

Fun, Mingo! Proper job! But if the snow did melt, would your ship sink? You'd be bailin' out!

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