Having a Boss Time Behind Bars

He's getting three square meals a day
it's his idea of heaven
shares a cell with just one other bloke
he's from a family of seven
there's a TV in the corner
his toiletries on the shelf
for the first time in his short life
he can focus on himself
he keeps himself from trouble
he's not trying to prove he's hard
he keeps a healthy distance
from the inmates and the guards
he's working in the laundry
first job he's ever had
he promises
he's never gonna end up like his Dad
he's gonna take some lessons
wants to learn to read and write
better that than twocking cars
and selling drugs all day and night
if he can keep his nose clean
and he doesn't pull no stunts
his lawyer sez
he could be out again in eighteen months.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 24th Aug 2018 07:37

Agree optimistic and refreshing.. Excellent

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Thu 23rd Aug 2018 23:09

Somehow I found this refreshing Matthew - i'm not sure if the humour is intentional or comes out of the situation - it has a definite optimism which I love and that lifts it up . Nice concise advice writing.


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