Child's Play?

The first time it happened she was barely nine
it was a simple request
you show me yours and I'll show you mine
she had no interest in what he'd offered to show
but he was two years older and that little bit bolder
he wouldn't listen to her when she said no.
He offered to give her something for her time
she suggested fifty pence
he agreed with a nod and a smile and with that
he bought her innocence
rumour spread the way rumours do
and before too long the whole school knew
boys gossiped about what you could get her to do
in a flash her popularity grew.
Round the back of the bike sheds up against the wall
it was always the same and the price was small
a packet of sweets or a handful of coins
to lift up her skirt and peek into her loins
tights round her ankles knickers down to the knee
she made it easy for the boys to see
they called her names but she just found it funny
as they queued round the block with their dinner money
the name calling never bothered her much
her rules were always simply look but don't touch.


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Becky Who

Thu 23rd Aug 2018 19:38

I love the way the rhymes circle around such a serious topic. This is a slam right? It reads like a read-aloud. Great rhythmic play I love it.

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