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Slaying them like pagans or like Raiden or like Slade in a foe cutting seams,

Waiting for a dragon and a maiden with a blade in the old fucking thing,

It’s kind of quiet in the dark like copper mines when you’re bored and you pay penance,

Lobotomized by the word and cauterized by the sword in the same sentence,

Praying to their Satan and they’re hating any sport,

Taken to the haven when they’re saving every chord,

Waiting at the gate and then they’re paying their reward,

Fading in a basin at the nation’s very door,

Everyone is locked out and everyone will fucking fry,

Many sons get knocked out when memories come to up and die,

Melodies hum to the humble sky and never stop imagining,

Belly-up drums in a bumper fight on every block is happening,

What the fuck? Where to go? Something up? Come to know,

Cut the clock, spare the soul, chopping block, hunt alone,

Run the block, where to go? Come and knock, run on home,

Bundle Glocks, care to know? Joan of Arc couldn’t roam,

Burned at the stake like the old George Jacobs,

Turn at the lake with the cold corpse face up,

Coming face to face with the monster and the madness,

Running place to place with some water and some ashes,

Make bodies out of soap like a sculptor without his tools,

Take the Commies down the road with a boulder and some spools,

Tie their asses to the trees since the madness is a breeze to the people out here waiting,

Dye the glasses when they bleed on the mattress where they preach with the needles down there breaking,

See their souls and breeding grounds when bleeding poles and eating hounds in the moon or the meme,

Key the codes and see the sounds when greeting goals to meet in town when you’re doomed to the scene.

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Big Sal

Tue 4th Sep 2018 02:25

Thank you Lynn 😁, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I recorded this particular piece about 8-10 times before it came out how I wanted it. Lots of practice to make perfect - but so worth the effort.


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lynn hahn

Tue 4th Sep 2018 00:51

That was great! You must have been really tired after doing the live broadcast. No mistakes! You surely have a lot to say and the talent to say it. Nice work!

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Big Sal

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 15:17

Haha thank you much Rose! Appreciate everything you just said. Thanks for coming back for a reading. I'm glad so many people found it interesting. And anything coming from your way seems way too funny to be true (😉), and genuinely worth its weight in gold and kind words.

Glad to have put it out!

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Rose Casserley

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 15:01

WOW! you American beauty! call me crazy Big Sal but in listening (respectfully) I get this image of David Koresh doing an Eminem impersonation 😮!

Real cool poem! comes at you from so many great angles and well worth printing off and inserting in my poetry bible.

Coincidentally I did one similar in rhythmic style but not as deeply themed as yours in the form of a dedication to the hunk I was dating at the time

can't recall the title but it went something like this....

he crashes on my scene
like a V-12 machine
plays a better role in my dreams
than any James Dean
a rocket to the moon
a real top tune
plenty of yeah yeah yeah caviar on my spoon
he's my soul blaster blows every disaster....etc etc

so yeah dude I dig this piece so much and look forward to the next BOMBING!

until then and in case you are under the big beautiful sky of your own country my hand reaches across the pond in a show of thankfulness and huge respect!

Rose 💋

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Big Sal

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 01:36


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Big Sal

Tue 21st Aug 2018 16:28

I'm glad you enjoyed it Jane. I was thinking of doing an entire spoken word album, but I wanted to get my current anthology out first and decided to test the waters with this audio. Thanks for the acknowledgement, and I am sorry about your friend.

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Jane Briganti

Tue 21st Aug 2018 16:16

A very profound, impactful read! A brilliant piece beyond the scope of many I think. I agree with most that the audio is intense. Your reading voice breathes life into the words.
This hit home for me as I lost a good friend to a cult in the mid 80's. 👍

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Big Sal

Tue 21st Aug 2018 16:00

Thank you very much Taylor. I hope it spoke to you. The only person I read my work to is my wife, and she often says that I need to try new things with my poetry and do what no one else is doing. Hopefully my voice doesn't crack at the end of it all, but I did have fun doing it.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 21st Aug 2018 15:49

Fantastic to put a voice to the words Big Sal.
Read with passion and feeling. It came alive for me with the audio. Read it first a great flow to the poem lyrical in it's quality.
Getting to the audio version..I was blown away Big Sal and after reading the inspiration behind the piece found it chilling but compelling. I am still mulling over the words it has left a deep impression on me.

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Big Sal

Tue 21st Aug 2018 14:20

Thank you everyone for commenting.

Martin: Since I wrote it specifically to be recited aloud, thanks for saying so. Glad someone else thought so.

Rose: I'll be here waiting!

Kate: For this piece I took massive amounts of inspiration from the era my grandmother grew up in, and the mental state people around her had back then. Comparing it to today is like 'wow'. I still can't believe that's how people acted so passively/aggressively then. Nowadays everyone has an opinion, but that's where this came from was my grandma and her family's dysfunction when she was younger, and how it has carried on into today with everything still going on. It's crazy.

Darren: Thanks for saying so, I appreciate that. I was hoping it wouldn't come out so forced or whiny.

Anya: Yes much like I told you with your People's Temple-esque poem. Mindsets and mental states can become dangerous if weaponized, and thanks for commenting on this I appreciate it.


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Martin Elder

Tue 21st Aug 2018 13:17

I am really pleased I was able to hear you read this aloud as It certainly deserves to be a performance piece which makes it all the richer.
Nice one Sal

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Rose Casserley

Tue 21st Aug 2018 11:59

Hi Big Sal. Cos I have to bung 'me poem on and am in need of an early Tesco fix I will not do this epic the injustice of a quickly made comment so I'll slipper 'me plates of meat and cuppa fill 'me mitts later and armchair my posterior in order to settle down for a more respectful read.

later squire!

Rose 💋

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Kate G

Tue 21st Aug 2018 08:10

Wow, I'd like to know the inspiration for this Big Sal... Clearly a back story. The cult is an amazing phenomenon.... I've often wondered if daily life in a cult is as frantic and frenetic - embued by all the urgency of a Messiah in the midst of everyday life. My pondering aside, this kept me reading over and over. Oh, and the audio and rhythm you deliver is awesome.

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 21st Aug 2018 07:12

OH YES - that is great!

some wonderful words and lines...

sounds great, you recited that very well.

loved it...



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Tue 21st Aug 2018 06:59

OMG Sal! It’s so scary!!! I love it...😱

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Big Sal

Tue 21st Aug 2018 05:48

The first draft of a piece off a pending spoken word album, "Heroes of a Different Cloth". I don't have a professional studio, or even a semi-pro one yet, so let's hope this will suffice for now.

For my folly in misjudging my own release date of Pressed Flowers by 24-48 hours, hope someone can take something from this. I wrote this specifically to be recited aloud. Let me know what you think, like, comment, whatever.😵

This is the first time I've ever officially released an audio track. It's certainly no song, but I hope it is something.

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