A History Lesson for Those in Late Adolescence

A witch one day flew into town

and cast her magic spell around.


Her spell gave all men cunts for eyes,

then she flew away into a roaring sky.


Everyone was distraught at first;

for months the women tried


their hardest to reverse the spell.

They were, alas, by fate, denied.


Giggling men stuck their hands in their brain,

and pleasured themselves till they were insane,


blind men thrived and had happy lives

but men of sight for the most part just died.


While we adjusted,

women discussed it:


they decided men could

finally be trusted.


The Tory Party, Labour,

Lib-Dems and UKIP died.


The Green Party became Pink

and The Pink Party thrived;


men sat around and fingered their eyes.

We tripled our productivity

and humanity survived. 

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Stu Buck

Wed 15th Aug 2018 21:05

wonderful! also, huge kudos for liking whores of yore, i follow them on twitter and love them. cant beat a good 'cunt' here and there either, a fine word indeed.

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:53

Also Hazel, that article is amazing. It features 290 uses of the word cunt and makes a referenced point that it is more empowering than the word 'vagina' which actually refers to a sheath for a sword.


Check it out peoples!

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Brian Maryon

Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:49

Nothing personal Ferris...how can it be? I don't know you personally.

I referred to David because he made the first comment. He and I do have some history but for my part this was not a factor here.

I think your poems are generally worthy and this episode will not cloud my judgement in the future. I've probably said enough now on this subject so I'll withdraw and wish you all the best.

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:34

Brian, I encourage poetry that provokes intellectual debate. We are discussing the use of a word. That is SO appropriate for a poetry site.

I don't think this poem's soul existence is swearing. People have identified with a strength in the message and to be honest, that's really humbling and I'm very glad I uploaded it.

Why do you keep pointing out that David provoked you to respond?

To be honest, I chose the word cunt carefully. I didn't want to say vagina, it's too clinical. Twat is too silly. Pussy is derogatory, Box is too Americanised and objectifying. Cunt is powerful. Cunt is unafraid. I wanted to avoid all species of fetishism when I referred to the vagina-eyes, because I was satirising the actual fetishism of vaginas.

Look at it like this:

You have said twice that you like the poem apart from the swearing.

Then you have said twice that the only reason people are commenting on it is because of the swearing.

These sentiments contradict each other so much that my brain is hurting.

Be honest Brian, is this personal or something?

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Brian Maryon

Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:23

In the final paragraph of the first comment David made the word the issue, then Hazel's comment was solely about the word. Subsequent comments (apart from Big Sal's) continued the debate. This is the problem Ferris...any poem which contains that word will invariably be sidetracked into a debate on the use of the c-word.

As I said, I quite liked the poem and would not have commented if I hadn't been implicated.

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Tom Carr

Wed 15th Aug 2018 20:19

First of all I'd like to say I love the tag, second I feel as though the C word gets a lot of flack which is just unjustified. I understand that it can be offensive to some, however I feel that to disregard it for simply being offensive is wasting it's purpose.
It's a word, and all words have a use. Granted some words, I.e. racial or ethnic slurs that are purposely directed at one specific demographic are not suitable for poetry as it weaponises literature into a form of control and oppression. Cunt on the other hand, it has no demographic, it's a synonym for vagina, in Australia it's a synonym for friend, in England (by my definition) it's a synonym for a person who is deplorable by nature, whatever the gender. By it's versatility and the fact that it cannot be pinned along to any one demographic, I think it should be allowed in poetry.
After all, it's an excellently emotive word. Just look at all the comments...

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 15th Aug 2018 18:59

my two penn'orth
When words are used JUST to shock - or topics are raised JUST to get comments - then I tend to stay quiet and just let folk get on with it. With a couple of exceptions where I've let the banter get a hold of me.
In this case - the word used is totally appropriate and central to the piece. The writing is succinct, image laden and REALLY makes you think.
Getting uptight about words is a bit of a 'personal' thing - but on this occasion I just wanted to say that this is one of the most powerful, thought provoking pieces I've read on here in a long time.
I think objectors - simply objecting to the word - are seriously missing the point.
Great piece of writing Ferris - more power to your...errrr.. you get the picture :-)

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 18:33

Congratulations Brian on giving my blog a new life.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 15th Aug 2018 07:34

I was right though wasn't I? The blog has taken on a new life. And bear in mind that I would not have entered the debate except that I was referred to on the first comment...not by name but by implication.

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 03:35

Ferris, over the years, I've seen such a diversity of postings which could be considered offensive by any reader at any time, and I've seen more than one blogger receive more than his fair share of criticism when considering those that have passed, as they say, under the radar.

I don't happen to be offended by the word "cunt" but detest the word commonly used for human defecation--what's the difference?

Anyway, here's to the "C" word...


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Wed 15th Aug 2018 00:28

Words like the racist N word, and the homophobic f word, are not appropriate because they diminish the humanity of a demographic.

The word cunt refers to the most powerful, life-giving organ on planet Earth and we should not shy away from it. We should acknowledge it. I did not refer to an unkind person as a cunt, I referred to it in the anatomical sense.

If you are uncomfortable with that word, fine, don't use it.

I prefer to celebrate all aspects of femininity and if that bothers you, block me. I don't need you to pat me on the back for things that I write.

If the female anatomy makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why.

As for them being gutteral words, I am of the gutter. These are the words I use. I am also literate and educated. Hope you can compute this.

I'm not violating WOL guidelines.

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Wed 15th Aug 2018 00:18

I love that I'm such a controversial cunt.

Brian and Don, you write poems all the time that objectify women by their tits so don't even start. This is a feminist piece that refers to the hard-working women of the Western world who are never credited for their efforts, and the hedonistic men that write poems about their tits. Your disapproval just fortifies my belief in myself.

To everyone else, thank you for commenting.

My partner is a staunch feminist with a first-class degree in sociology and can see no reason not to use the word 'cunt'. In fact, it is common for misogynists to be uncomfortable with lexical references to female genitalia.

If I offend you, good. I am trying to offend people that do not believe humanity should be equal.

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Big Sal

Tue 14th Aug 2018 14:55

Damn dude, this flowed 'til the very end, and by the last stanza it jumped off the page. Another philosophical conundrum disguised as poetry. That's why listening to hip-hop helps us when writing poetry - it allows more words to be disseminated than previously allowed, and with that in your back pocket you can write like nobody's business. Nice one Ferris!👍

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Don Matthews

Tue 14th Aug 2018 11:07

I'm with Brian on this. IMO c---and f---- are gutter language I would have hoped educated and literate poets would have risen above. As Brian says other words can surely be found to hint at the meaning without actually using them. One of Brian's recent poems actually did this. 😎

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Brian Maryon

Mon 13th Aug 2018 19:08

Hi Ferris - I might as well come clean...it's me they're talking about as I have objected a couple of times to the use of the most repulsive word in the English language, in my opinion.

The emotiveness of the word is such that if I had commented immediately after you posted I have no doubt you would have received many more comments than you've had so far.

I would have thought that intelligent, literate people on WOL could use their knowledge and imagination to use a different word and yet still convey the same meaning so that the poem loses nothing. Or perhaps your intention was to shock?

Apart from that I quite enjoyed the poem.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 13th Aug 2018 16:55

Keeping D.H. Lawrence in mind and the "Lady C" word
to match his material, whilst I'm not always in favour of
the choice of what are considered "obscene" words, there is
a context in which their use is excusable when making a
point. This, in my own view, is one such example.
Moderation is the watchword; otherwise, as in so many
instances, the meaning is either weakened or lost altogether.

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Hazel ettridge

Mon 13th Aug 2018 11:45

Hi Ferris on this fabulous blog where taboos are few, I'm afraid the word CUNT has had a rough time. Please do check out 'A nasty name for nasty thing' on Dr Kate Listers Twitter feed 'Whores of Yore'. And for anyone else who is reading this comment and who is unsure about the use of this word, please do check out her research - I hope it will change your mind.

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Darren J Beaney

Mon 13th Aug 2018 09:56

This is great - funny, clever and says a lot about how a lot of men operate...



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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 13th Aug 2018 09:52

Hi Ferris,

I like it because it could be nonsense or it could be clever, dependant on how you look at it. (I should qualify that I use the word nonsense as in nonsense verse or literature, not in a derogatory way)

In many ways it's simply funny but then again it speaks of the fickle nature of men and their often stupidity, and I mean men not mankind (although stupidity of a sexual nature is not exclusively held by men)

It does address the power of female genitalia (being polite there) and how some men cannot do anything other than follow their animal instinct.

Obviously this is abstract, but in reality attraction is in large percentage visual, I think if men could not see the object of their desire and merely feel it its attraction would be diminished greatly, especially if it was to become part of their own anatomy, anyway it's in the abstract so that is just me pondering.

An interesting change of direction bringing in Politics, of course sex is the greatest political arena of all so in that way it works.

I do doubt that such an event would increase mans productivity, I think it might actually drop, the working hours I have lost whilst indulging in questionable activities makes me feel so.

Of course many men already walk the world with an invisible phallus on their forehead, so having c---- for eyes isn't so outlandish, is it?

You are living dangerously using the C word, people might come and tell you up until which word they read your poem, or they might not.

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