Face Life the Real Way (Poem)

He came into this life,


With atrocities of every kind,


As all he wanted was a life


Free of trouble 


And heartache.


As he was looking for freedom, 


And inner peace,


He was bound by beatings, 




And abuse. 


He then reverted to alcohol, 


All day and all night,


As he was looking for stillness,


And couldn’t find it at home.


He then sank into this pit,


Of self destruction 


And maze,


He couldn’t get out,


So he drank and smoked pot 


To relieve the pain. 


Numbness was his stillness, 


Until he developed 


Health problems, and this overwhelming sadness.


He was feeling empty,  


All this time, 


He was reverting to alcohol and drugs


To numb the pain.


Then one day, 


A lady came into his life,


Loved him like no other ever did.


Taught him self love, 


How to appreciate the moment,


Finally he was happy and felt understood.


He never understood, 


Why he was brought up this way, 


But he knew this young lady 


Was a gift from God, till this day.


He then said to himself, 


No longer will I numb the pain, 


From this dark cloud,


Of self destruction and maze.


Despite the troubles, 


I still see beauty in the world,


Despite its imperfections,


And I choose, to face life this way.







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Martin Elder

Wed 8th Aug 2018 21:37

An all too common occurrence I think where ever we live. Well documented

Nice one

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 8th Aug 2018 18:39

A rollercoaster of a poem. Great thank you

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