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Hello it's us again

the cranks peddling myths,

the people of no validity

with the audacity

to defend ourselves.


Them again.

Why can't they just shut up

and pay their Council Tax?

Stop meddling

in things they don't understand.

So-called activists, Independents

daring to resist our plans.


But we'll sort them out

and paint them in a bad light.

We have the police to scare them,

the press to trumpet

all the good we're doing,

the smear tactics to finish them

once and for all so

we keep our jobs and rule the roost.


Ensure that when the shit kicks in

we're well prepared.

No damage to our egos

or our bank accounts.









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john short

Fri 10th Aug 2018 11:26

Thanks for your appreciation Ray. Yes I'm surprised it didn't get any comments. I'll consider your suggestion that possibly the two voices are not distinct enough.

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Thu 9th Aug 2018 19:54

How did this not get a comment John, barmy if you ask me. This poem quite neatly expresses what so many must feel who see the smooth robbers of hope who are in privileged positions , democratically elected sometimes but only by all sorts of shenanigans. May I suggest some separation of the first verse from the opposition speaking ones to follow would add more definition to your points.(Maybe an indent). Just an idea!


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