reggae music

longing for that home

the home they were wrenched from
when the ancestors were bound
bound in shackles and chains
and auctioned like beasts of burden
auctioned in foreign and far away lands
that unforgettable crime against humanity

today the children wail still
the black star liner did not take them back
did not take them all back home
the messages are profound in the music
the honey drips from the suffering

the punchy reggae rhythms
the infectious bass strummed
the drum beat touching the hearts
the succulent voices like icing on a cake
still the children wail for home
mother africa still bruised and battered

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Thu 31st Dec 2009 18:45

PS, i love reggae music by the way. but heres a choon you may like, goona throw it at ya and if you get the time put it in you tube and give it a listen. you will probably like it jabulani.

its by syl johnson

i hope you enjoy it friend.

sala kahle


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Thu 31st Dec 2009 18:38

Hi Jabulani, i have a saying that goes something like, the west is earths market, the east, is its spirituality, the oceans the barrometer, but more importantly than all, is that Africa be the soul. Lets hope, that the world unites, in repairing a soul long neglected and battered. For how can a planet prosper, if the very soul is hurt. I hope you have a prosperous 2010. And yes, a very touching poem i like very much.

Keep posting and all the best.

By the way, i am being polite, there is much to be said of the west, for one, greedy selfish bastards, but as i said, i am being polite. the truth is we need to repair africa.

stay well


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