I Forgive You Because (Poem)

I forgive you because, 

Holding on to hurts of the past 

Is being shackled to the ground

With no escape 

But the sound of your voice belittling,

With your sarcastic remarks.


I forgive you because,

If I don’t,

I will sleep walk my whole life,

Never getting anywhere 

But listening to your voice

Condescending and obstructive. 


I forgive you because, 

The one who holds on, 

Never embraces the world 

For all its beauty but imperfections

To discover ourselves anew.


I forgive you because,

It’s the only way to correlate, 

And accept the world 

Despite its imperfections  

And treachery.


I forgive you because,

It’s for my own good,

And I forgive you, 

To move on, 

From the sabotaging pain,

Of holding on.


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Martin Elder

Wed 18th Jul 2018 23:05

This is indeed a splendid poem and a timely reminder to us all about forgiveness. I think for me it is summed up by the second and third lines in your reference to being shackled to the ground.
I wonder how many of us tug on that shackle before we finally realise that the key to being released is forgiveness.
Nice one Danny

<Deleted User> (19836)

Wed 18th Jul 2018 17:52

A very nice poem! BRAVO! Your words are poetic and wise for such a young man. He who forgives even the unforgivable will always find peace! 😊

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