The childrens poems 16 Madison


You were 4 or 5 

months  old

and I sat

in that neural


office for what seemed

like days.


your mother and

I listening

to the results

of all of the

tests and blood

work and

MRI results.


the bottom line

you wouldn't

roll over your

focus on things 

was so slight

and scattered.


there seemed to

be a disconnect 

between your 

body and mind,


and I 

prayed that

it could of

been me 



but the fat

pompous man

in the cheap

weed suit

just kept on

talking and

talking and



not caring that

he was the cause

of the pools

of tears in

your mothers



finally, I 

had reached

my limit and I

asked when 

Madison is  in


and they line

up her 

entire class


the fence and

race 50 yards 

to the other

side of

the field.


"would she 

finish  first last 

or in the middle"


and I will never forget 

his words when

he said

I don't believe she

would ever even

finish the race atall.


and silence

felt like

needled  rain



piercing our

hearts piercing

our princess dreams

for you.


we carried you

out of the office 

that day and

you must of 

gained at least

50 pounds..


the weight was

almost unbearable.


the next day

your mother and

I were on the line

to every doctor

therapist chiropractor


children's specialist

we could find. 


and we put 

you in God's hand,

and he 

held you close

and dear and

with love grace and



and after

years of appointments

and sessions

and movement



in kindergarten 

you did run that 

race ...


in the middle of 

the pack you

shined and 

you finished 

the race.


15 years later

after a brilliant high school

tennis career and

then a all-conference 

tennis player in

community college 

you were recruited

by several 4 year

colleges to

continue your tennis


but you

decided you

had won your



and we could not

have been

any prouder.


do you

feel it?


and to that

first doctor 

who made my

wife shed

that very

first tear.


fuck you !



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Hazel ettridge

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 23:05

Your love makes the world a better place.

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Nicola Beckett

Fri 20th Jul 2018 02:31

Awesome xxx

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Jon Stainsby

Thu 12th Jul 2018 17:15


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