Love is a Compass (Poem)

Love is a compass,


A guided direction 


To bring us closer 


To our divine destiny.


Though we may not know it,


Every loved one brings us closer, 


To our dreams,


And mission.


As we struggle to find the answer,


A loved one gives us insight, 


To our divine calling and 


Unanswered questions.


Though we fight or argue,


Love always sustains, 


Because we’re all human beings 


Interconnected as a whole.


Though some come, some leave,


The true ones always leaves a print,


And one step closer


To our divine destiny.


One step closer, 


To understand to each other


And ourselves as a whole.





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Wed 11th Jul 2018 19:14

This is a beautiful poem Danny. Thank you. Anya xx

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keith jeffries

Wed 11th Jul 2018 17:25

This poem is quite exceptional as you deal with the most powerful force known to us. The sources of love are found in others and also in places and situations. John tells us that God is Love and this I firmly believe. You write, ´ A loved one gives us insight ´and this has often been my experience.
Thank you for this

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