A Photograph

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A family

Picture perfect 

A husband, a wife,

and two beautiful children 

Who would’ve thought...


The truth can be so vicious

An image so deceiving 

A murderer with his victims 

Is this a look of pure evil ?


I swear, 

I saw him on the street today 

Talked to him on the bus 

Chatted with him at the park,

with children running around 


Is that the way the victim looks like?

I saw her this morning passing by


She was in the mirror looking back 

at me


How could this be

Two innocent kids

Killed in the middle of the night

by their loving dad


When has it started ; The End

Were there any warning signs

Maybe a look in his eyes

The body talk


What did it say

Did it softly whisper rotten tales 

What did he think when he kissed 

them goodnight for the last time


Where did he keep all the dark 


Did he hide it in the cracks

Camouflaged it in the shadow 

behind the photograph of his

perfect family life


A life, he hated so much...













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Kate G

Sat 4th Aug 2018 09:21

This really pulled me in. So brave to articulate what many of us think about such terrible events. You have inspired me.

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Sun 15th Jul 2018 17:06

Thank you so much Jane!!!

It is very nice to meet you too 😀

Anya x

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sun 15th Jul 2018 16:51

To tell of something so horrific is not an easy task. Your words are captivating without going into too much detail. Respect!

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Sun 15th Jul 2018 15:41

Hi MGS 😃

How nice to see you! Missed you! xxx

Yes, unfortunately it is a true story...
Unbelievable, I know...
Looking at the photo, a regular, healthy, happy family of four.


Thank you for your support, hope to see you more often, with some poems maybe?

Lots of love 😘

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Sun 15th Jul 2018 11:18

This is a scary details for me Anya... Can't believe this happening for real! (?)😪


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Thu 12th Jul 2018 20:37

Thank you so much Hannah! 😘

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Hannah Collins

Thu 12th Jul 2018 19:25

Very strong writing Anya on a difficult but important subject.
Every now and then we hear of a similar case and we can only guess at the tragedy and stress behind it.
Your creativity is amazing. Love your work.

Hannah xx

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Thu 12th Jul 2018 17:01

Hi there,

Thank you so much for all the comments and liking this poem.
This story shook me to the core,
I had to bleed it out...

Thank you for the support!

Lots of love

Anya 😘😘😘

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Damon Blackery

Thu 12th Jul 2018 11:10

This is really dark I think it's even darker because it's based off a true story. But it's good Anya 😀

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Wed 11th Jul 2018 19:17

Thank you so much Don. And thank you J R. Xx

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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Jul 2018 14:20

I don't mind writing about the dark Anya if there is a good purpose behind it. Yes, this had to be told. Things like this can't be swept under the carpet


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Wed 11th Jul 2018 13:45

Inspired by true story of the Coleman family.

Not suitable for sensitive readers...

Had to be told...

In the memory of the three victims


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