When is a New Year ? A thought from Rochdale

It was my grandmother, who

understood intuitively all that

my grandfather sought to learn and teach


who regarded all the difficulties

that life presented, as simply another test

that the good Lord had blessed her with;


adding with a sigh, but

a twinkle in her eye,

‘…and the good Lord Himself knows

He’s tried me often enough…’


who when she said, or softly sang

that old song, ‘Count your blessings

one by one…’


spoke not with the sound of sentiment

but of eternal wisdom… So yesterday

I tried it… not as counting


blessings past received; but blessings

recognised, acknowledged, as they pass,

yes, one by one; and speak, speak each,

(now, there’s surprise !) of One…


and this great blessing overshadows all:

that in the present, there are so many more

than memory of the past allows..


it could just be, a new year, this year..

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:02


from Sale.

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