The children poems 14 (Kasey)


You would always

sit in your

baby carrier 

with an odd

little tilt

of your



and I would sit

across from you

and tilt my head

in return,


and even 

though you

were a baby

you would 

laugh and I

swear you

would get

our little

inside joke.


and as you 

grew the 

neck tilt

would stop

but I would 

look for it

over and over 



but as you

grew older,

your sense of

humor grew 

and it wouldn't

be long

until you were

the center of




and your 

laughter would

pour over us

and your words

would be

funny and kind,,


and I knew 

you had the gift

of laughter 

from my father,


and though

he passed

many years before 

you were 



i can still

hear him

in your voice

in your laughter

I see him

in your eyes

at night.


they light up

a room they

light me and

your mother's



to know 

that the

memory of

your little head


would be 

forever tilted

in our

hearts to


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keith jeffries

Mon 9th Jul 2018 09:02

A beautiful poem indeed. It gave me joy to read it.
Thank you

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 8th Jul 2018 19:31

Absolutely charming, with universal appeal.

(Check the last verse for 'tilted'; just a typo, but it is funny.)

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