The Love Poem

This love
Differs from that of which I am acquainted
It burns bold like stray embers illuminating a dark night
It grows leaps and bounds daily, nourished by a trembling touch
Like a flower of delicacy, coveted for its splendid beauty
This love
quakes my wits
sending my spine a warming sensation
travelling through my vessel, a kind hearted drifter
This love
Is a bond of trust, without imperfection or fault
This love is the righteous path that finally found me
This love smiles majestically, unblemished by impurities
It tickles me timid, an object of impulsiveness
The roaring whispers of "i love you's"
echo inside my temple pleasantly
An undeniable truth
This love
knows not of boundaries, nor of limits
It knows not of negativity but only of perfection
this love
aches the holding hand yearning to be presented
This is the love I’ve come to know
This is the love I now share
This is my love
and these words hardly do it justice

Dedicated to A.C.D.

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Deborah Jordan

Wed 30th Dec 2009 14:41

i hope this love stays with you. this flows like a summer beck rolling over time worn stones and bubbling in the sunlight.beautiful words. debx

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