Lost through the grips of time

I rest a weary head upon a pillow of lullabies
Hard, chilled concrete meets bare flesh
while moonlight soaks through my eyes
Night feels like a purgatory for reckless insomniacs
bathing gold paved streets in a crimson cleanser
It costs to be unknown in hell
Where clocks don't chime, the rhythm of time
plays like a muted operatic ballad
Fathom: twinkle-toed bums swaying off balance
To the haphazard drum beaten by influence of smoke and rum
Yes this is my world
its lavish gates opened only after a prayer of readiness for astonishment
I reside on the third cloud from the sun
two turns from my salvaged summer home
Purchased with tokens of good will
If only it was real
I've flown with a flock of phoenixes
soaring through dreams of gentle fabric
All alone in my padded room, a desolate tomb
The oldest loonies have the most fun
Because sanity wears thin
eventually lost in the grips of time

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 28th Dec 2009 19:11

This is the sort of poem I could never write in a million years. We are all so different and my life and yours are so different I expect, but i hope I can still appreciate poeetry which is almost from another world to where mine comes from. And I think you are a really good poet and this is wonderful.

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Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:08

The last four lines in this piece are my favourite for the verse. Again i can truly empathise with the content of the work, and know that you are quite a poet. i wish i had come across your work before. Although there are many talented poets on this site, very few i have been able to truly connect with. But your work is outstanding and you have really impressed the fekk out of me. I am strong today, and i can manage to retain my courage, and stop tears from falling. But this piece on a more sombre night, would have me weeping past midnight and into the dawn. It makes me feel, as if i or even my other half, are not alone in this world. And that there are some compassionate emotional people we can connect with.

Very, Very, touching!

love this piece



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