Schizophrenia 1

I can hear static, radios and TVs detune,

Screaming, people having their teeth removed,

I can hear Alfred Hitchcock creepy tunes,

I hear police radios constantly, and BB’s blues,

I hear freaky spoons tapping freaky tables,

Don’t ask why, I’m distinctly able,

I hear measured hums from a watching distance,

I hear engines exploding and the sound of pistons,

Breathing, bleeding, I can hear it,

Believe me people can’t come near it,

I hear ghosts that haunt my heart,

Sincere hosts of my taunting past,

I hear dead babies crying out,

I hear babies cry and shout,

I hear exes, I hear children in cages in Texas,

I hear letters to Santa on xmas,

I hear mocking, I hear toxic cocky cunts a lot,

I hear an urge calling to get drunk, I hear skunk,

I hear my medication,

and when there’s electric in my brain, I hear the sensation


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Poetry is not autobiography

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Big Sal

Fri 17th Aug 2018 19:24

You could start an entire genre of poetry just from the unique output you have here man, for real. All these poems put together in an anthology would be like a trip through a looking glass mixed with a hint of rap/hip-hop in the aura. Succulent reads waiting!

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