Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose

Many a man have ventured
Many a fool have fought
And bones have been rendered all but broken
For love
A glimmering slice of splendor
Romance upon twilight
Love in its purest, an irresistible addiction
Love quakes bitter reality, with an uncanny simplicity
And we flutter towards it, a mindless insect drawn to a flame
The greatest human conception is a dangerous one
foolishness bottled and spread amidst us all
We battle and perish; wage cruelty and war upon our neighbors
All for wretched love
Love, the greatest Rose known to all and by all
Roses kiss their lovers and with its kiss
brings a grain of salt
Love is a haphazard copycat
Humans greatest conception
back to bite its startled creator
Like a kiss from a rose

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<Deleted User> (6488)

Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:26

I'm not familiar with that poem but I will certainly look it up. Thanks for all the feed back you've left. I can't tell you how much i appreciate it.

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Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:15

Hi again, just wanted to ask if you know of Spike Milligans prose. There is a poem this reminds me of, it is called The New Rose. if you get the chance you should read it. Its a nice poignant piece im sure will touch you. and this poem emulated his words.

will try and dig it out for you if you dont have it.



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