D, G, R

The Dream is to live the lavish life
And vanquish my wants
Feed to my lions of greed
those who sinned and didn't live their dream
The Dream is to travel the world
go back to the motherland
and bring back the gift of knowledge
Dream up a dream house
with a dream girl but the dreams out
The Dream is never real
I'm awake and sleep talking
Heavens me, God is Life

The Goal is to live a life with no regrets
fall asleep on my deathbed, and dream of the life i led
The Goal is to find meaning to life
reason to suffering
and understands the concepts of Joy and pain
The Goal is to appreciate the sun and the rain
The Goal is something vastly undermined
Fate and Goals are intertwined
and you can run from the thread
but your already on the needle
and woven into a blanket of life
Interlocked with the Universe
The Goal is to understand that
Get up and achieve your goals
Heavens me, God is Life

The Realization is that you fuel you
Your the most powerful person in your own life
You’re God and you’re the devil
can you handle that?
The rest of the world doesn't care if you can
so while you sit secure with dreams
and aren't making and achieving goals
Your setting yourself up like the devil you are
making your own hell likewise
if you only go after goals and don't listen to your dreams
Your going to end up in a lavish hell
The realization is that the goal is to dream
a Dream where you achieve a perfect balance
And once your realize that
Your the wisest and most powerful human on earth.

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Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:27

Jeesh, i cant get over the words you write. I really do empathize with your verse. its almost as if you have got the words out of my head i have always wanted to write! Instead i write bitterly, and could learn a lot from your poetry. Wonderful work


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