Look without your eyes as I embody my words

Feel without touch, lay down the palms of your mind

Bend your reality,

As you tear into the realization

Of how fragile “REAL” is

Allow me to define:

A dream’s tears collect nuzzling safe from despair.

The broken persona of righteousness lay slain

By it’s own self-awareness;

Narcissistic bastard, reflecting in a sea of desert

The gods have all drowned,

In rapid currents of Christ blood

The swollen ego of a messiah

Deflated by stigmatic actions

The enigma of perception

The key to persuasion

Weapon of mass seduction

Rounding up hope

Holding it ransom

I hear it weeping to me for freedom

From my vantage point

From my perspective.

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Sat 26th Dec 2009 16:32

I am not sure how this one touches me. it is the line that writes; the swollen ego of a messiah that i find difficult to understand. I suppose only a god of sorts would truly understand this line. It is the most intense of all i have read so far from you. Again i can only say that it is prose well worth encouraging and reading. i would go as far as to say it doesnt even need developing. its fantastic as it is. You have a fan.

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