That’s just emotion


That’s just emotion


Tears fall against the itchy redness of my face. A customary reaction, expression of my uncontrollable emotion. The death of me? He probably will be, cause for us both to exist in this is close to nil. Like having double Spider men, only one wins. 

So once again, the contents of my torso bounce on trampolines and force me to present my breakfast for the second time, and my wrists bleed but there are no cuts. I just despise him that much.


My insides scream at the slightest thought and I go into this dream-like state of hate, and I pray that it is a dream and like the fairytale I’ll awake. The worst part is, it’s beyond my control and all in his and I allowed it to be, but not because I was weak or a result of defeat, but I allowed it to be! Paper bags and my inhaler have no lasting effect, panic attacks and itchy skin, flaking at my scalp and I scratch and scratch in an attempt to make it go away but that just leads to sores and sores lead to more pain and then that leads to hate again and I’m back where I started, lemon like, bitter!


I constantly turn my other cheek but then punch out at his face. I ignore his poison for a month and then find myself spitting venom back. I can’t survive on the hope of Karma, it’s not enough and I’m certain as algebra is that one of us will cancel out the other.

Sooner or later.

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<Deleted User> (4519)

Mon 28th Dec 2009 11:30

Thanks for feedack & reading... But it 'is' in poetical form. My poetical form.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 24th Dec 2009 12:09

I really like this -- some great lines.
Sure, there are some not so great too, but the level of raw passion is sustained, and gripping. Will you put it into poetical form?

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