My father sat in his favourite chair

Immaculately dressed

I longed to run to him and climb all over him

But I knew I mustn't make a mess.

He only had two moods back then,

Fun and no fun.

Looking through the window I thought I saw two vultures on the opposite roof

But they weren't vultures, they were crows.

A very particular walk has a crow,

I saw one crow raping another crow once.

Look away, my mother said, it's natural, it's what they want to do.

But a child's not stupid,

Like with all their muffled arguments coming from behind the bedroom door,

The arguments in the night, like a sleepless lullaby,

A song.

Her tears and tears . . .

Run to the store for me darling, she would say,

More tissues mama ?

Yes, tissues, that's all I want. . . .


She came to me early one morning,

The seagulls were screaming.

We're leaving, she said,

We're leaving your father behind.

She dressed me in my best,

Gave me a doll to hold.

I didn't want a doll,

I wanted my father.

Daddy, Daddy, I screamed, don't let her take me . . .

But my cries were overwhelmed by the birds,


Calling to me,

Laughing . . . .


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Hannah Collins

Wed 27th Jun 2018 18:00

Thank you so much, Hazel, Keith and Graham.
I love reading your comments.
Yes, Graham, that incident really did happen but my parents got back together again.
I am close to my father now.
Thanks again.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 27th Jun 2018 17:58

Thank you so much for your comments, Laura, Darren and Anya.
Always encouraging.
Thanks again.


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Laura Taylor

Tue 26th Jun 2018 11:19

'the seagulls were screaming' - fab line Hannah.

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Darren J Beaney

Thu 21st Jun 2018 10:50


and wow again....

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Hazel ettridge

Thu 21st Jun 2018 07:37

Beautifully written, as ever.

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keith jeffries

Wed 20th Jun 2018 23:50

This heartfelt poem speaks of a deep unhappiness which many children go through, but you have given words to these powerful emotions. One of your very best works.
Thank you for this

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 20th Jun 2018 23:23

If this is really autobiographical the tears in my eyes are fully justified. It would crush me to lose a daughter ( dads and girls etc) what a dilemma!

I hope you found each other again. Brilliant heart tugger!

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