The children poems 11 (Rhianna)


Your mother

and I



the exit

steps of

Kaiser hospital

in Hollywood

the day

after you

were born.


The nurse 

handed us 

some brochures

and said 

she wished 

us all

of the best,


and that

you were 

one of the 

most beautiful

babies that

she had

ever seen.


your mom

and I

just looked 

at each other

wondering why 

no one was


home with us

to help us

raise you

until you

were at least

18 or so.


The morning dawn 

was just coming

up over the

hills and I

knew our

lives would

never be

the same,


and that

I would 

try with 

all of my might 

to be a good

father for you,


but deep inside 

I was thinking

what in 

the world

am I 

suppose to

do with

you now.


so for

the next 30

or so years

we tried

our best and

gave you 

all of our love

and all

the ounces of 

our wisdom.


and you

have given me 

more than 

I ever thought

possible for

a daughter

to give her



and to have

the honor of

raising you

through the



in my life 

that has

made all

of the difference

in the world.



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Hazel ettridge

Wed 20th Jun 2018 07:29

I don't think I knew love until I had children. They taught me how to love.

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patrick D Ortiz

Tue 19th Jun 2018 15:46

right again Hazel ... it is a never-ending journey and all of my children have helped me as much as I have helped them..

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Hazel ettridge

Tue 19th Jun 2018 15:29

Love is one thing. Knowing how to be a parent is something else. It's a heavily textured tapestry.

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