david livingstone[deadstone]

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in an ominous silence

there before your discovery

your out of place imposing statue

there before that rumbling

the rumbling of mosi-oa - tunya

the batonga did not matter

that name refused to die

under the english dead weight

the english dead weight of queen victoria

your queen could not take precedence

mine was righteous indignation

stood there and told you the truth

your imposing statue at that place

that out of place statue

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<Deleted User> (4244)

Wed 23rd Dec 2009 17:04

cynthia and steve thanks for the comments.writing is solitary business largely.it is satisfying to know others read what you write.mosi-oa-tunya is the name the batonga people who have always lived along the kasambabezi [zambezi] river gave to the mighty falls.mosi-oa-tunya means the smoke that thunders.the water falls to a depth of over 100metres and a mist rises.as the water falls there is a distinct thunderous noise.it is a majestic place.david livingstone was led to the place by the batonga then.he then claimed to have discovered the place.a blatant lie! he then named the place victoria falls after his queen then. the batonga had long named it mosi-oa-tunya.steve smith's comment is apposite!wish you could visit this place of angelic beauty!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 16:09

I enjoyed the passion of this, and the drumming-style repetition. But I would like a translation of the 'mosi-oa-tunya'.

Steve Smith

Tue 22nd Dec 2009 12:44

Love this message to the colonialists.
rhythmn and sequence of images bring the emotion of the poet -distaste for the pomp of false discoverers.
Steve Smith

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