when words stops

When words stop


Words, words sunken Japanese warships

 in the bay of Palau where yellow jellyfish do not sting

and the US military plans to make a base on the moon

 and bomb the world to smithereens

I`m watching too much TV and fed useless information

I don`t need. Trying to make sense of this;

war is the loser nature is peace.

Until the war that is cyclical destroy everything this

is needed to win Concord.

In the meantime, economic wars are manufacturing useless

inventions and underpaid garment workers

cheap food and obese people. This lasts until a new hot

battle begins and those who want peace are traitors because

they know there are no winners it is an illusion we have not

 been able to understand, like religion and Santa Claus.

When the human voice disappears

when wolves no longer howl in the valley, then battered

Nature will slowly take over, and peace will reign.  

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