Free Love

She came to the city.

The scent of the countryside all around her and all within her still.

She was out of the convent school now

And away from the grip of her parents

And the shadows of the large dark and purple mountains.

The sun was shining in the city

And she found that little room at the top of the stairs

And she polished the floor and put down a soft carpet

With patterns and scented flowers upon it.

She had golden curtains and the sun shone through,

The bed was comfortable and girlie,

She covered it in satin

And then the phone began to ring . . .


It was this man and that man,

Some were harsh, some were sad,

Some told a story,

You don't have to tell me any story, she told them,

Just take what you need,

I believe in free love . . .


They came and they went.

Some wanted to stay forever,

Some for just one night.

And she struggled to keep the room looking tidy and bright,

Continued with the polishing and the cleaning,

Straightening out the bed.


And she walked the streets in  the morning,

Bare foot and restless,

Not understanding the traffic or the language of the city's pulse.

Consumed with the giving and the taking,

Not really feeling anything very much - any more.

She saw her reflection in the store window,

Her hair all tangled,

Her eyes swollen and tearful

With a city pallor around her face.

She looked afraid,


She was too ashamed to make that phone call back to her parents,

Too troubled to ask for help.

Too used up

With free love . . .


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Hannah Collins

Mon 18th Jun 2018 10:50

Thank you so much for your comment Martin.


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Martin Elder

Sun 17th Jun 2018 20:43

I love these small peeks into somebody's life that you create almost like a short story. Beautiful Hannah

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Hannah Collins

Fri 15th Jun 2018 21:19

Thanks so much Anya.
Thanks for being so supportive.
I love reading your work too.

Hannah x

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Hannah Collins

Fri 15th Jun 2018 21:18

Thanks for your comment Don.
Always good to hear from you.


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Fri 15th Jun 2018 08:31

Hi Hannah,

I absolutely love your style. Could read forever... Thank you!
Anya x

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 04:57

Too young and innocent to cope with free love. Should she have even embarked on this risky path ? An exciting experiment which went badly wrong. Sad . I guess it really happens.

Thanks Hannah

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