The vanished aircraft

The plane that disappeared some years ago

with 290 passengers didn`t fall into the sea

but landed at the back of the moon, where

The landscape was surprisingly lush if pale as

there are no red roses on the planet.

There was life on the planet, different in

shape and form and easy to tame and taste

like chicken, and disappeared as the Kiwi bird,

or almost as it was the plane`s passengers

the only source of meat.

But there are plenty of edible fruits and vegetables

with no name yet; not to forget

a new religion that worships the earth and

Dali Lama since everyone knew about him others

as presidents remembered are archangels.

There was peace until politics entered and split

people into several camps, for now, they

have no weaponry, so fighting is like shadow

boxing in the pale blue light.


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Hannah Collins

Thu 14th Jun 2018 19:20

Where do these vanished aircraft go ?
I love this poem, would like to visit this place, at the back of the moon.


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Brian Maryon

Thu 14th Jun 2018 10:23

I went to a party on the moon once. It was rubbish! There was no atmosphere.

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