Hello, here she comes...Tina, taking Tyson for a walk

She never takes him out, Keith must be away

Thank God she's on the other side of the road

I won't have to talk to her, just keep my head down

My God what is she wearing?

Dayglo pink top too small for her

Bloody hell look at her boobs...how are they staying in?

I can't stop looking at them

Lucky I've got my sunglasses, she can't see me looking

Look at them bouncing...I can't stand it!


Fake Michael Kors handbag, and heels for Godsake

She won't be going over the fields then

God I'd like to go over the fields with her

And that white micro skirt squashing her thighs together

All that static electricity she's producing

Is she wearing any knickers? I don't think so!

I'm sure that's a dark patch. It is...it'sย  her muff

Bloody hell...I'm getting a semi


Oh no, she's crossing the road

Coming straight towards me, I can't avoid her

I won't be able to take my eyes off her tits


"Hello Tina, you look nice. I like your handbag"

◄ It's Starting to Grate

Not Chuffed ►


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Andrew Mark Bedell

Sat 16th Jun 2018 08:35

I like it... ๐Ÿ˜

Profile image

Brian Maryon

Fri 15th Jun 2018 08:25

Thanks all for your interest in this rare non-rhyming piece of mine.

Profile image

Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 05:32

Clever lines MC

Don ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 05:29


You're wondering where Brian hangs out
It seems where the girls also hang out
With their tits on display and their bags all a'sway
While he longs for a roll in the hay

(in ya dreams sonny - keith)


Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Jun 2018 17:45

Are separate minds managing men's eyes and hands
Seeking to come to grips with mammary glands?


Thu 14th Jun 2018 13:14

Intresting neighborhood you live in B... x

Profile image

Don Matthews

Thu 14th Jun 2018 11:55

Keep them coming up my friend
Respond? You know I gotta
All my rhymezone dic gave me was
Hope you like frittata ?

What a useless piece verse
Let's look at your Keith's Tina
Shit, you disappoint me Brian
No pic? Tina? Sabrina?

Your blowing mind-imagery
Of Tina and her tits
Had my tongue salivating
My neurons having fits

Like me you're free to look at
Tits of any kind
But sadly I can say my friend
That semi's in your mind


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