There is a peace, 

In knowing, 

You are close, 

But not close enough, 

How many people, 

Can we love in one life, 

How many doors close, 

But others open, 

Sometimes I walk through rooms, 

Covered in dusty sheets, 

Where there was our love, 

I pull back the blinds, 

And let the sun in, 

Dancing with dust angels...... 

I think of you from time to time, 

But that is all,  your time has past, 

Tick tock 

Goes the clock, 

Tick tock, 

My watch, 

Tick tock, 

Your time has past, 


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Thu 14th Jun 2018 13:19

Beautiful, I can see the images and feel the feelings. Amazingly written xxx

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Elizabeth Ogunrinola

Thu 14th Jun 2018 03:40

great piece. please do follow my blog and support

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