The Ruin


In beautiful decrepitude

the structure stands bereft and crude


through windows cobwebbed and curtain’s torn

it gazes down where dust was lawn


the slated roof now patched with fern 

its chimney stacks that once did burn


are housing rats that left the ship

but never quite abandoned it


and often when the Sun breaks through

it warms the rooms where love was true


and in that light see grandeur rise

where once the ruin beguiled eyes   



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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 14th Jun 2018 23:48

Thank you Hannah,

I do love an old ruin.

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Hannah Collins

Thu 14th Jun 2018 19:36

Ruins of all sorts are so fascinating.
The history, the silent stories.
Strong imagery and beautifully read.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 14th Jun 2018 11:19

Thanks for your comments SS and Ray,

I'm fine now thanks SS, attempting to maintain an even keel without chemical intervention if you get my drift, thanks for asking.

I love a good ruin Ray, they vary between the sad and the grand to me, I often find myself imagining their finer days and the stories they might tell if they could.

The metaphor is never lost though, on the mornings I bother to shave I see the ruin 😀

Thanks again.

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Wed 13th Jun 2018 22:44

Exceptionally effective writing David. There is a stillness within well brought out by your reading. A slow reaching back to a former time, right up my street.
Interestingly when property like this exists it is usually destined to be removed from the landscape (move along now please).


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suki spangles

Wed 13th Jun 2018 21:52

Beautiful reading David. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're keeping well.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Jun 2018 19:39

Hazel and Frances,

thank you so much for your comments.

It may have escaped some others notice that I am a romantic at heart (much failed, but never surrendered...I still believe)

I appreciate your comments exceptionally because I love your writing.

Love will win, it will even beat an old bastard like me...let love in.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Wed 13th Jun 2018 12:59

Wow - another doozey from you, David.

I love every word in every line, so carefully and lovingly wrought.

Very well done.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Jun 2018 10:02

Thanks Hazel, its good to hear you are listening to some of my rambling reads.

Thanks all for the flowers folks.

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Hazel ettridge

Wed 13th Jun 2018 07:54

You have such a great range and I so enjoy your love poems. Also, I've only recently been listening to your recordings - much better hearing it from the source.

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