The sitting poems 43


And the

reasons you

wake in

the morning,


and the

first face

that greets

your day.


I would be a 

thief and 

take these

things from



to be

there the

moment you



to sit

and have 

morning coffee

while you

read to 

me your

latest poem.


giving patience

to the 

cinnamon buns

in the oven,


the clamor 

of the world 

just outside

your door.


and I would be

the poet 

who keeps

it all at



and at

night I

would read

the stars

to you.


over and 

over  and 

over again.


and build

you a

fire down

by the



for the 


to wake 

to you,



be the

sum of 

everything that

I am.


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