Empires, Peace and Mother Nature

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The most horrific war

And act of suppression 

That we have saw 

On any nation 

Involves destruction 

Of Mother Nature 

Through mass production 

We all forsake her

Through trade induction 

We forgot to nurture

Instead consumption 

Became fixed behaviour 

She will have redemption 

For her disfavour


Trees will burst

through every building

Growing quicker 

Than what we’ve seen 

She’ll cleanse her oceans

Of oils and toxins 

She’ll rid the planet

Of the it’s disease

We’ll destroy ourselves 

Through merciless greed

The end of humanity 

Is guaranteed 


The earth will return to peace 

When our souls are far away

After we all disease 

For our welcome, we overstayed 

Gluttony of empires has pained,

The fruit of our mothers labour 

And no mother would abstain 

From behaving as their child’s saviour 

For we as humans could not attain 

The lesson in ‘love thy neighbour’ 

For we succumb instead to feign 

Nations ruined at the hands of empire. 


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◄ Love Conquers All

Be kind. ►


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Connie Walter

Thu 7th Jun 2018 09:02

Thank you big Sal.. unfortunately I believe this to be true, we’re destructive creatures it seems. Thank you for your comment x

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Big Sal

Thu 7th Jun 2018 04:32

Only when the last man dies or leaves will the planet truly return to its original state, which is sad but true. Nicely done in this piece.👍 If the smoke and fire doesn't kill us, eventually an asteroid will. But by then maybe Hawking's theories will become reality. I always enjoy reading the metaphysical manifested in such repose and reality checks.🌷

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