Revenue generator


Once I was fined for uttering the word fuck

it was in a midland town in England

a Policeman happened by and took offence


It was directed at nobody

just an imaginary enemy

yet he chose to be offended


And I was sick


I wondered what he would do

if I related the murdering of innocents to him

how throats were cut and hearts bayoneted


I called him a cunt as he handcuffed me

he smiled inanely

I slept it off and was out by breakfast


I have never been held to account for murder


But saying the word fuck in public

is a revenue generator


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Jun 2018 20:08

Thank you Hannah and Frances. X

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Mon 11th Jun 2018 04:40

I'm with Rachel, David.

I didn't feel I had anything to contribute but certainly, immediately got your point - even though the title was a distraction!

Neither could I 'like' the poem, even though I appreciated your point. To do so would seem as if I approved...

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Hannah Collins

Thu 7th Jun 2018 19:03

This poem raises a very important issue.
Simple things that are not tolerated in our society and yet outrageous things that are.
I guess tolerance can only be for bad, there is no need of it in good.
But that culture does distort things.
People seemingly getting away with murder while others in serious trouble for a parking offence !
Your poem makes an important point that needs to be said.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 7th Jun 2018 19:03

I don’t disagree MC, and I am grateful for your comments.

Poems are for the readers to interpret however they wish, I would never contest that. But really this was about a broader issue than offensive language, albeit a very important subject to some people.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 7th Jun 2018 18:45

"Take as you find" comes to mind again when reading the
lines and the comments. The officer isn't available to
give the other side of the story. That said, he seems to have been a bit quick off the mark with his action and
too slow to perceive the possibility of the how and why
behind the word/behaviour he had witnessed. In other
days a "word in the ear" might have been the chosen
course of action from a street-wise officer who might then
have used the response to guide him as to any further
need to act. essentially to preserve the peace. Obscene
and abusive language and behaviour are all too often
the precursors of worse to come!

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 7th Jun 2018 17:54

This topic I think has for now been exhausted. That said I have been pondering its deep irony.

The fact that its subject was that of people being distracted from real life and death issues by something as harmless as offensive language, and then that some readers were distracted from the poem by language within it which they found offensive tends to proves the point.

I am astounded that people don't seem to have recognised the point of the poem, but there you go.

It's disappointing, and the problems I have caused myself by posting this poem are almost unbelievable and call into question the worth of posting anything remotely controversial on this site. I'll be honest (as always) the way I felt under attack on a personal level really made me feel quite ill for a while.

Some of the more disappointing responses came privately to me and not in the blog comments, unfortunately I am unable to discuss them as they are private communications.

Thanks for stopping by if you did,


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 6th Jun 2018 16:37

Thanks SS,

There is usually a reason for the behaviour of sane people, and generally speaking for those insane also. Unfortunately it is often easier and expedient to simply not care or wonder why, that is a shame because that is how people become lost.

I hope your man is OK, I think you handled it brilliantly. I bet it scared the bijezez out of you lol.

Be well, stay safe,


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suki spangles

Wed 6th Jun 2018 13:49

Hi David,

Would you mind if I shared a story with you, almost as a gentler companion piece to yours in NI.

One homeless shelter I worked in back in the day housed a few ex-army. I came in on one shift, and was tipped off that one ex army was going to smash my face in before the shift finished. He diagnosed me as being a Paki..

Anyway, I was in the dining area. And the word got to him that I was in the building. The TV was on, but the room was silent as he stood by the door. He walked over to me, and stood over me as I was sat by a table..

He said a few choice words, and then lifted the can of Tennants he had ready to smash it down on my head. He wanted me to confront him, there was an audience, so I did the opposite, and kept my hands on the table, with my thumb pressed down on the walkie talkie, hoping that my colleague would "get" something was wrong by hearing only static. My colleague did, and he watched by the dining entrance..

The ex-army guy kept this can over my head, raised it up, hoping I would defend myself. A small audience was there, he wasn't sure what to do. Eventually he smashed it down on the table, instead of my head, and walked out..

When he had to leave for this and other actions I helped him pack. We reached a silent understanding. Wherever he is I hope he is okay.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 6th Jun 2018 13:19

Thanks SS,

there was no offence or upset taken from your comment, I am grateful for it as always.

It simply highlighted to me that it may be worthwhile explaining a little of the circumstances.

I agree absolutely, the Police are not social workers. They barely have enough time to do that which is required let alone wet nurse apparent drunks. There was an element of purposeful agitation in the detention I was subjected to, and it seemed gratuitous, but there you go the Police Officer acted within the laws bestowed upon him, in that regard he cannot be held accountable.

It really though is about the inequality of justice, I can't say fuck but I can be given sanction to kill, what if I called my victim a fucking c--- as I drove my bayonet through his heart, which would cause greater offence?

I once witnessed an IRA member abuse an injured black soldier who had been incapacitated by a petrol bomb, he called him "fucking n-----" not bad for a revolutionary Marxist I thought. Kind of made me chuckle if I'm honest.


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suki spangles

Wed 6th Jun 2018 12:58

Hi David,

I apologise if my comment seemed a little throwaway; it was the banality of the fine that I was sending up with my comment, not he situation you were in or the reasons why this happened, so sorry.

Well, I use a pen name. And if fellow contributors think I'm hiding, who cares! It's the poetry that counts, and I, for one wouldn't be presumptuous or pompous enough to read more into a pen name than that. People who are the most judgemental often have the most to hide..

I suppose the police aren't social workers, but a little understanding wouldn't have gone amiss, especially in a situation like this. The lack of understanding around mental health issues is still here now too. I hope progress is being made. But, let's be honest, some just like the power, especially if a little bit of cash can be made too..Empathy? Humbug!

Apologies again if my comment was apprehended as insensitive, my intent wasn't that.


Oh, just for the record, my real name is Sanjay Gautam. I chose the name Suki Spangles for my blog because I wanted a name humorous and memorable. The other names on my short list were Genghis Gandhi and Jean Jacques Jejune..


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 6th Jun 2018 12:00

Thanks SS and thank you Rachel,

I apologise and now feel the need to be more specific about the events surrounding this alleged poem. I feel some people have entirely missed the point, I also feel somewhat under attack.

I was at the time suffering terribly with PTSD, I was in a public place re-enacting the final moments of a friend of mines life (which I had witnessed) I was not particularly loud but appreciate my demeanour was probably distressing to some.

I uttered the word "fuck" for which I was given an on the spot fine by a passing Police Officer, my mother had to guarantee its payment immediately by means of a phone call from the police officer. This was conducted in full public view whilst I was still in some considerable distress, obviously in the throes of some kind of episode (no-one seemed to notice that though) even though I was specifically talking about the event and running it through verbally.

My demeanour I believe was aggravated by the public humiliation and absence of thought by the officer. who also searched me and my belongings publicly. I was then detained for my own safety, (which I understand) but none of that need have happened if the officer had not been so obviously blind as to what was going on.

My point is in the alleged poem, what is more offensive the words that got me into such a situation or the circumstances that fried my brain into that state? and did anyone give a monkey's, would they have cared about the terrible and possible crimes committed on their behalf had I verbalised them? no, but say the word fuck or C in public and they fine you on the spot, even if you have mental health care issues, great stuff eh, I wonder if at the time I had been minus a couple of limbs that the officer might have viewed the situation differently.

It saddens me deeply that I even have to explain all that on a site which is apparently frequented by thoughtful sensitive poets, ha!

David Moore

I do hope my honesty isn't too much for anyone to stomach.

PS, it has recently been suggested to me that the lack of a picture on my Blog/Bio and the use of the name "Wolfgar" somehow constitutes a level of dishonesty, seriously? I would be grateful for the opinion of others on this suggestion. I feel I am damagingly open and honest, my name is easily deduced from the information provided on my Bio, by anyone with eyes and the ability to read.

Additionally I invite readers to come to me directly if they require anything clarifying privately, what more can I do? I notice just how forthcoming other members of WoL are, I honestly only see one or two people on here who lay themselves open as much as I do. I was extremely disappointed and astounded by an accusation of dishonesty.

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suki spangles

Wed 6th Jun 2018 04:47

Hi David,

Imagine if you swore while walking drunk on a double yellow line!


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Tue 5th Jun 2018 22:48

I read this earlier today and wasn't going to comment because I didn't feel I could lend anything of value. But, it did make me think of this...

We need to keep sight of what is truly offensive and not be easily distracted from what really matters.


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